Are you looking for a proven formula to create ‘Financial Freedom’ through property?

Allow me to (almost) Guarantee Your Results, Help You Avoid the Common Mistakes, and Show You a Simple Process to Build Your Very Own Cash-Generating Property Portfolio.

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Dear Fellow Property Investor,​

Be My ‘Apprentice’ as I Guide You ‘Step by Step’ to Build Your Own Cash-flowing Property Portfolio

Sad news, apparently Alan Sugar isn’t making a series of ‘The Apprentice’ this year.

But don’t worry, I’ve got something way better and more useful for you.

How would you like to Apprentice with me instead! : )

Let me explain.

I’m looking for a small number of committed “Apprentices” to join me on the most exciting opportunity I have offered in the last 15 years.

Apprentices who will benefit from the kind of opportunity and guidance I really wish I had access to when I started investing for myself.

Keep on reading and I’ll tell you what this is all about… but first here’s:

Five Reasons Why You’ll Love
What I’m About to Offer You:

Reason #1

I'm going to show you, Step by Step, how to start and set up your property business to create a lifetime of cash flow, and enjoy financial security.

Reason #2

I'm going to share with you the knowledge I gained from starting my own property investment business, starting from scratch and using none of my own money, so that you can do the same, and make sure you build your portfolio as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Reason #3

I'm going to provide all the information and resources you need to build your business, and in a way which is as close to me being with you and holding your hand as it can be, without me actually being there. You’ll have the confidence of knowing you are following in my footsteps and doing what I did, and that I’m there to look over your shoulder when you need me.

Reason #4

. The principles behind success in property investing are simple although I won't sugar-coat it, applying them requires work, often hard work. I'm going to show you those principles so that you can apply them throughout your property investing business and give yourself the greatest chance of success, and achieving the results you require.

Reason #5

I'm going to save you time, stress, lost sleep and wasted money.
It literally took me years of trial and error and a lot of wasted time and money to discover the right way to do property. But I'll show you the key things that you need to know so that you can avoid all of the mistakes that I made.
What I'm going to show you will allow you to achieve far more than I did, and far more quickly, when you apply it.

Why I Know This Will be Such a Valuable Resource to You

I have no grumbles at all about how property has treated me, and every year seems more exciting than the last, each offering new, bigger, and better opportunities.
But I have to confess something…
As I look back, I wonder how much further I’d have progressed if I’d had a helping hand from the beginning.

I remember how it felt 25 years ago, when I was just figuring out how this game works so I could buy my own properties, afraid of borrowing a lot of money and afraid of making stupid mistakes.
Obviously, I wanted to do well, but I didn’t know how to do it. (Yes, I was a Chartered Surveyor but successful property investing wasn’t on the curriculum)

You see, when I started, there was very little good, relevant education available for a new (or even a more experienced) property investor.
There were a few dry and dusty textbooks dealing with the mechanics like the law, but there was nothing giving guidance on the stuff I needed to know like what type of property to buy, where to buy, how to find and structure deals, or how to raise finance. 
There was no practical information I could use.

I had to figure out how to do it ALL ON MY OWN.
So I know how hard that is, and I wouldn’t want that for you.
But I didn’t give up and …

icon About

Using Stressful, Expensive, and Time-Consuming Trial and Error…
I Was Able to Build a Cash-Flowing Property Machine!

It literally took me 4 years of trial and error to discover and refine the system which has allowed me to put together a sizable portfolio of cash-flowing property (by the way, this is the same system used by many highly successful investors, more on this later).

Today we take for granted the availability of books on Amazon, and a quick Google search provides access to an overwhelming amount of information on property and property investing

But there’s a problem…

Being Told the Theory ISN’T THE SAME as Being Shown How To Apply It!

What we need is good ACTIONABLE information from someone who can help us to apply it.

From someone who has ACTUALLY DONE IT.

In this social media age, anyone can call themselves an expert, write a book or start blogging, without having any valuable real experience in the trenches.

And often they’ll only tell you Why YOU Should Do IT, and NOT HOW TO DO IT!

So here’s the solution …

Find someone who has the results you want and then do what they do.

Over 40 years in property (25 of them investing for myself) have taught me that one of the best ways of learning how to succeed is to do what business coaches call ‘Modelling’;

In other words, “Find someone who has the results you want and then do what they do”.

But here’s the thing…

They Have to Be Real People with Real Valuable Experience

But I think there’s one more Step that makes your success almost guaranteed.
And it’s this.
Model someone who has the results you want AND then HAVE THEM MENTOR YOU as you do what they do – then you can learn straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and crucially ….
You can be shown HOW TO APPLY all the great information they give you.
Ok, it all sounds so easy but we all know that …

The Cost of Top-Class Mentors is
Out of the Reach of Most People.

The trouble is, mentorship from someone with the right experience and knowledge can be expensive, even REALLY Expensive.
For example, I know of top property investors who will charge £25,000 a year for an hourly weekly phone call, or even £10,000 for a day’s consultation.
And then there’s the time paradox …

We need to be mentored so we can build our business and get out of our full-time jobs, but our full-time jobs mean we don’t have time to be mentored or coached!
So, what can you do? How can you get valuable advice from the right people (as I said, a real successful property investor) without having to pay insane amounts of money for advice… even while working at a full-time job?
Well, this is where the exciting opportunity I mentioned at the beginning comes in because …

I Can Help You ! : )

Let me tell you why I’m so excited, and please bear with me as I give you some background as I think it’ll help you understand.
You see, back in 2003, I realised there was a great need for high-quality and accessible mentorship.
Many people wanted to get into property but they didn’t feel confident enough to start, while others were already in property but wanted to grow and boost their property businesses.
And many of them wanted help.
From me!
I was inundated with requests for help.
Every day my in-box was full of emails, but there were always common themes to the questions.
For example, inexperienced investors almost always asked “how do I start?” “How do I find the best deals?” “How can I raise finance?” and “How can I start when I have little or no money?”
Whilst the more experienced investors usually asked “How can I grow my Property business and portfolio?” and “How can I achieve even greater returns from property?”
And no matter at what stage of their investment career they were, it seemed that every experienced or new potential investor wanted to know:

This last one is a very interesting question, and usually, people are shocked (and glad) when I tell them exactly how to do it.
But of course, you’ll find many more answered questions inside.
Including the number one question for people thinking about starting their own successful investing career…

And, of course, the question I go most often was …

Peter, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, can you help me too…..?

It sounded like a ‘big ask’ but I knew there had to be a way.
A way to put the right information and advice into their hands, and way to make sure they applied it properly.
A way to mento them remotely, as it were.
A way to Apprentice them through the ups and downs of ACHIEVING REAL PROPERTY SUCCESS.
The problem was, how could I mentor so many people?
There just simply wasn’t enough time.
So I thought about this long and hard, and eventually I came up with the solution …

Announcing The Property Millionaires Fast Track!

I devised what I called The Property Millionaires Fast Track 100, a Step by Step program which took my ‘apprentices’ through the entire process of how to build their profitable property businesses and achieve their financial goals. Real, useful, ACTIONABLE information. Presented as if I were there with them holding their hand and looking over their shoulder. And with the ability to check-in with me when they needed to.

And it Really Worked! It hit the spot!

At its peak, there were more than 500 apprentices on the program. And there were dozens of success stories; people getting out of jobs they didn’t like, building profitable portfolios, and growing their cash-flowing portfolios and property businesses with confidence. But after the financial crisis of 2007/8 I stopped enrolling apprentices, and the program petered out (no pun intended). By the way, this was a big mistake because I now realize that in many ways it’s actually easier to succeed in a downturn... if you know what you are doing. This is something I will show you when you enrol as an Apprentice. That’s where the advantage of experience comes in.

It’s Back. And It’s Even Bigger and Better Than Before!

Over time I noticed something interesting. The questions still appeared in my in-box. And I still received the requests for help. And that has never stopped. So, I’ve decided to update and launch The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0. It’s back, bigger, and even better than before. Just think of this. I’ve now got an extra 17 years of knowledge and experience to share with you, including that gained by coming through the credit crunch in 2007/8 (which I think is going to be particularly useful over the next few years) Of course, although the principles of property investing never change, there are specifics that have changed like the law, and the market. The way we use some strategies has changed. And new strategies have appeared. That’s why I’ve painstakingly been through ALL of the content and have updated it for today. I’ve even added loads of extra content which you’ll find amazingly helpful like …

Yes, really!

I’m Even Going To Show You ‘The Formula’ (For Unlimited Wealth!)

I Know This Sounds Like Hype, But It’s True That If There Were Ever A Formula For Unlimited Wealth, This Would Be It!

One of the biggest changes which I’m really excited about is I have added a whole new section called ‘The Formula’, which details Step by Step (starting in Step Three) how to build your property business using limited funds, and how to use those funds in the most efficient and effective way to create a large cash-flow producing portfolio.

I’ll even show you how to use ‘The Formula’ if you have NO MONEY of your own to start with (which is exactly how I started).

You see, so many people who’d like to do property, or do property ‘better’, misunderstand “the rules of the game” …

It ISN’T about buying any old property at just below asking price, renting it out, and hoping the value goes up a bit.

We can be much more strategic than that and I’ll show you the hidden formula used by many of the most successful investors.

Successful investors know there’s a science to it and a process to follow, and now I’ll show you what it is and exactly how they do it, so you can model them and create wealth following their hidden strategies.

I’ll lay it all out for you and show you how to do it, including how to structure the deal and the finance, how to work out exactly how much you should offer and pay for each property, and how to add value and refinance so you can use your money again and again.

As I told you, this is exactly the process that many, many successful investors have used to build their wealth.

But that’s not all…

There’s Even More –

Extra Resources To Help You To Succeed

Because technology has moved on since I first developed The Property Millionaire’s Fast Track, you will have even more tools available than my first group of successful Apprentices

I’ve created tactical video-based content that didn’t exist the first time around.

There’s a special, exclusive member’s website just for Apprentices where I’ll be providing updates, materials, and new exclusive content and tools.

And you will be able to post questions so I can support you all the way to the top.

But there’s also another thing I felt I needed to add to this new, improved version of The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0…

Receive Actionable Steps Right from the Start...

But Build Your Cash-flowing
Portfolio at Your Own Pace.

One thing I wrestled with last time around was how to present all the information an investor needs in a way in which they can start to use it instantly, but without feeling overwhelmed and giving up before they’d got going.

That’s why the original Property Millionaire’s Fast Track was monthly – each Step (module) came out monthly and gave Apprentices the information they needed, plus suggested tasks to undertake that month, so they could start to create their own property business and cash-flowing portfolio.

But I know that if I were starting in property again now, I wouldn’t want to enrol on a correspondence course, I’d want all the information straight-away, so I could get started immediately!

But even that is too simplistic.

Because I know that one of my (many) flaws is I’m a bit impetuous…

I know that taking things a bit more steady, and doing things in a calculated logical order, is actually a great thing to do.

And, of course, the danger with giving all of the information on day one is that it can easily create overwhelm, and many Apprentices would give up, feeling it’s all a bit beyond them.

For some of my apprentices, particularly those in full-time work, it makes sense to stick to the monthly format and build the new property business on the side.

For others who have more time or more urgency, it would make sense to take all Thirteen Steps in one go, plus the extra video content and other resources, and work through them as quickly as they feel comfortable with.

So I think it’s only right to give you the choice of how you receive the information.

All upfront.

Or as monthly Steps.

The choice is yours when you enrol.

No matter how you decide to receive the materials and use The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 to build your property business, you can be sure you’ll have all of your questions answered, and have good, actionable information as if I were mentoring you in person. 

What The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 Will Be:


It WILL be for committed individuals who want to succeed in property

It WILL be for investors who want to get into property but who don’t know where to start

It WILL be for anyone who already owns property but who wants to greatly increase the returns they get from their property business

It WILL be for anyone who wants to “Apprentice“ with me – month by month I will suggest to you the Steps you should take to build your own highly profitable property portfolio, including the tasks you should undertake that month.


It WILL be for anyone who wants to join a community of like-minded people. You will be encouraged to share your experiences and to learn from the experiences and knowledge of your fellow apprentices. I have set up a private “Blog” on the internet just for this purpose.

It WILL be for anyone who wants to learn not just about the actions I have taken to succeed in property (so that YOU can take them too).

It WILL be for anyone who wants to be a PROPERTY MILLIONAIRE – OK, I know that sounds a bit like hype and I can’t guarantee you will get there but what I can do is teach you how I did it, and suggest ways that you can use my knowledge and experience to do it too. Then it’s over to you. You know, they say, that the best way to succeed is to copy someone successful, and that’s what I want to give you the chance to do. 


IT WILL be for just 100 people. This was a hard decision to make, but in order to keep the process of sharing our knowledge from getting too cumbersome, I have decided that I can only start with 100 “apprentices”. Depending upon how they get on, I might open up the numbers later on. But I can’t guarantee it. We’ll just have to see. For the time being 100 is it. I’ll explain why in a moment.

It WILL be on a FIRST- COME – FIRST – SERVED basis. I will be closing the books as soon as the places are filled so you will have to be quick to enrol.

It WILL BE a Fantastic Resource for anyone who is serious about property investing.


Here’s some of the topics we’ll cover:

And no matter at what stage of their investment career they are, it seems that every (potential) investor wants to know:

Now, just to be clear, let me tell you what The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 WILL NOT BE

It will NOT be a home study course – to be honest, I don’t think the world needs yet another home study course and, in any case, I think we’ve all studied enough and it’s time we all just got on with it!

It will NOT be offering personal one-on-one mentoring – unfortunately, much as I’d like to coach everyone individually, I just don’t have the time to do it, it isn’t practical.

It will NOT be me doing everything for you – let’s face it, if you want to be a success in property there’s only one person who can do it for you and that’s YOU. So, I will not be investing your money for you, I will not be telling you which street you should buy in, I will not be taking responsibility for your decisions. 

But I will tell you what you need to know so you can make the RIGHT decisions for yourself.

I’m Only Taking On 100 Apprentices at the
Special Launch Price and These Slots Will Go Quickly.

Because I want to give you my full attention, I am inviting a strictly limited number of people to “Apprentice” with me at the Special Launch Price of £19.97 per month. For this special introductory price I will guide them, Step by Step and month by month, and show them exactly how to build their own profitable property businesses, based on my 25 years of experience of doing this successfully myself.

That’s why I am only taking on 100 Apprentices at the Special launch price. When those slots are taken, the investment will increase.

100 Apprentices might sound like a lot but to put it into perspective:

I currently have 3,500 investors on my weekly newsletter, over 6,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel, 5,000 Facebook friends, and 2,000 followers on my Facebook page.

So, I know these first 100 Apprenticeships will be taken very quickly.

Plus, it will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis.

I will be closing the initial offer as soon as the places are filled so you will have to be quick to enrol.

I’d really like you to be one of my first 100 Apprentices on the new, even better, Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 so click the link below to make sure of your place, and to enrol NOW. 

I can’t wait to start sending you all that great information.

So please click on the link below and jump onboard.

NEW FOR 2021! Enrol Now and Choose Whether You Want
The Resources Monthly, or All Upfront Now

Take the resources monthly:

You can choose whether to receive each Step monthly (I recommend this option for most Apprentices) for an investment of ONLY £19.97 per month for the first 100 Apprentices to enrol (this really is as cheap as chips when you think what actioning this information is going to do for you). For The Monthly Option at £19.97 per month Please CLICK HERE

Or Take them all up-front:

OR you can choose to have ALL of the THIRTEEN Steps NOW in one hit, as it were, so you can proceed at your own pace, for a one-off total investment of only £197 (a saving of £42.64 on the monthly option) I recommend this option for real go-getters who have the time to devote themselves to building their property portfolio and business full time. For The One-off, Up-front Option at £197 Please CLICK HERE

Remember, when the First 100 places are gone…

The initial investment will be increasing to £29.97 per month or £299.67
for the on-off up-front fee (a saving of £59.97 on the monthly option)

As a Recap, This is What You Will Get When You Enrol:

So Please Act Now, And Grab Your Place Today,
So We Can Start Working Together Towards Your Property Success.

It’s said that life should be a daring adventure and not end in regrets.

At the end of their lives most people regret what they haven’t done far more than they regret what they have done.

If you’ve always wanted to get into property but never dared, or didn’t know how to do, please don’t let this amazing opportunity to have your hand held by an expert pass you by.

And if you are already in property but want to supercharge your business and your cash-flow even more, then let’s work on it together to build your business bigger and stronger than ever.

I’m really excited about the chance to ‘mentor’ you remotely as my Apprentice, and I’m expecting a lot of great results for my Apprentices on this programme.

So, let’s work together to achieve your property and financial goals.

Please enrol now and I’ll send you the first two Steps straightaway, so you can start building your property portfolio and business, and creating your financial freedom.

Here’s to Successful Property investing